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Bugs & Viruses AVG has launched free security software for Mac OS X, which includes tools for Safari and Firefox. AVG's CEO JR Smith, says, "Mac users have traditionally been less vulnerable to attacks because of their lower market share, but that is quickly changing." That's the age-old question of to what extent the scourge of malware on Windows is a symptom of Microsoft's sloppy security decisions vs. due to Windows' popularity and the fact that malware authors can get "more bang for their buck" targeting the most popular platform.
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f*ck that
by Bit_Rapist on Wed 30th Jun 2010 20:14 UTC
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The ONE thing I love most about my mac is that I don't have a bunch of security bullshit running in the background asking for DAT updates or making my system dog slow as a large folder is scanned.

Windows is nothing more than a never ending series of security warnings and anti-virus updates. Seriously I spend most of my time at work dealing with this crap. Its always in the way.

The day I have to run antivirus software on my mac is the day I'll start looking for another computing platform.

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