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Windows An Italian Windows site called "Windowsette" has published some purported secret Microsoft documents outlining some design and strategy plans for Windows 8. The Microsoft Kitchen blog has provided some analysis of the documents. The documents appear genuine, and there's lots of interesting information there.
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RE[3]: App Store
by WorknMan on Thu 1st Jul 2010 03:56 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: App Store"
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Well, this is assuming that MS isn't going to have OEMs running their own repositories. But if there were only one (as there should be) ...

I doubt that MS will have the time to look over each and every app submitted, but I'm assuming they'd have something set up where anything being uploaded gets auto scanned for viruses/malware, and that users could flag suspect applications. Granted, this is certainly not fool-proof, but it's a hell of a lot better than what we have now.

I don't think the way apps are installed would be much different than the way they are now. You just go to the app store, search for an app you're looking for (pretty much the way that the Android/Apple stores work now), and once you find the app you're looking for, you select 'install' and the app runs through its normal setup routine. IMHO, the point of the app store is not so you can install 900 different apps with a single command, but rather to try and keep the worst of the malware out there off of users' machines.

I would imagine there'd be a common set of APIs built into the OS that apps could use to update themselves.

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