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Windows Internet Explorer has reversed a years-long slide in browser usage, at least for the month of June, reclaiming share at the expense of Firefox. The change in fortunes was significant enough that Microsoft couldn't resist crowing about IE's progress in a blog post on Thursday.
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Did anyone check the stats?
by JPowers on Tue 6th Jul 2010 04:14 UTC
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Aug, 2009 IE was at 61.45%; they had a .8% growth in Oct, 2009 and a .42% growth in Jun, 2010. The rest of the months where all losses. As of Jun, 2010 they have a 54.8% share.

Firefox started at 8.88% had growth for all months except the last two. May 2010 had a .23% drop and Jun 2010 had a .16% drop. Firefox's ending June with a 20.75% market share.

From the numbers, I don't see why they are saying that Firefox is losing to IE 8. In May 2010 both IE & Firefox had a loss (.36% & .23%) which means that the Other Browser took the users. In June IE picked up .42% while Firefox lost .16%; thus, Other Browser lost .26% to IE.

Overall IE has lost 6.65% of market share and Firefox has gained 11.87%. Thus, Firefox has been taken 6.65% share from IE and 5.22% share from Other Browser.

I also question the Other browser; I would like to know what the Safari share is.. They only break out Chrome 4 and the current version is 5; also what was the share for Chrome 3 which was usable...

The funny part is the IE 6 verse IE 7 numbers... IE 7 currently has a 11.79% share and IE 6 has a 17.17% share ;) It looks like everyone is dropping IE 7 for IE 8 and very few people are leaving IE 6. It appears that anyone who can drop IE 6 can just use IE 8. Now if only IE 6 would die!


Side note: at work one of my vendors suggested installing the "IE Tab" plugin for Firefox to make Firefox compatible with their website :-) I would like to know what plug-in I should use for my Mac OS X machine to make Firefox compatible...

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Firefox is definitely showing a decline, especially in NA.

I trust Statcounter to Net Applications since the latter uses their own weighting system.

I'm not sure why anyone cares if Firefox has 9% or 90%. The days of IE6-only websites are over and that is what counts.

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