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Hardware, Embedded Systems InfoWorld's Neil McAllister offers 10 reasons why the PC is here to stay despite Steve Jobs' recent pronouncement that the iPad signals the end of the PC era. 'Depending on whom you ask, the iPad will save journalism, rescue the book publishing business, transform the movie industry, change the way we communicate, and make the perfect omelet. But there are plenty of reasons to suspect that at least some of these predictions will prove overly optimistic. Even more dubious is the idea that the iPad signals a true sea change in computing,' McAllister writes. Chief among the reasons the PC is not dead yet are desktops' comparative cost-effectiveness, the lack of versatility of mobile devices, the fact that desktop and mobile OSes don't mix, and limitations inherent to tablet devices' dependencies on the cloud.
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RE: Screw Steve Jobs...
by ssa2204 on Tue 6th Jul 2010 18:21 UTC in reply to "Screw Steve Jobs..."
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What bugs me about Jobs is the throngs of half-wit journalists (and pseudo-journalists) that immediately jump on line to blog and report such news, as if it is based upon anything even remotely connected to reality. When a used car salesman tells us that the beat up and rusty Ford is a real steal at that price, who here actually believes him? Well, apparently the same people that repeat what Steve Jobs has to say as if it is the truth.

The iPad is a fad product, nothing more. It will do nothing to revolutionize. I agree with the sentiments express by so many when they say that after 3 months most iPads will be collecting dust in a corner. This is not revolutionizing computing, hell it is not even a freaking computer, but a toy. A toy OS thrown into a 9" iPhone (without the ability to make calls of course).

What really needs to be examined, and where so many so called journalist have failed, is an in-depth study into the fetish of the consumer to lap up whatever crazed fad product hits the shelves. Instead of seeing another lame article blabbering about the iPad, I would rather see studies of why the consumer today is so easily manipulated.

So yeah, screw Steve Jobs, and even more screw the morons that fall for this P.R. and the journalists who uncritically repeat what this twat has to say. But I guess a thanks to Neil McAllister is in order for pointing a few good reasons why this is such an idiotic assessment by Jobs.

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RE[2]: Screw Steve Jobs...
by parrotjoe on Wed 7th Jul 2010 17:00 in reply to "RE: Screw Steve Jobs..."
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ssa, I agree that the iPad/tablets will not replace PC's. I also agree about the media lapping up whatever Jobs says. I don't blame Jobs - he has always been a pitchman.

But, I strongly disagree about the iPad being a fad and a toy. Companies and people have been trying to do something with tablets for a long time. It is finally good enough, so to speak. Except for (I suppose) some people who just surf, write short emails, twitter, check Facebook, etc., it won't replace anything. It is something different and will occupy a new niche. An iPad cannot do enough to be called a "PC", but it can do too much to call it a toy.

This made me think about netbooks. Everyone's talking about the death of netbooks. Well, things have slowed down and, at first, there were loud complaints about them too. I love my netbook and, as far as I can tell, I'll always want to have one. It comes in mighty handy. I think this is true of the iPad too. (And other tablets to come). Like netbooks, they have their shortcomings, but they do offer something to people.

A PC replacement though - no.

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