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Hardware, Embedded Systems InfoWorld's Neil McAllister offers 10 reasons why the PC is here to stay despite Steve Jobs' recent pronouncement that the iPad signals the end of the PC era. 'Depending on whom you ask, the iPad will save journalism, rescue the book publishing business, transform the movie industry, change the way we communicate, and make the perfect omelet. But there are plenty of reasons to suspect that at least some of these predictions will prove overly optimistic. Even more dubious is the idea that the iPad signals a true sea change in computing,' McAllister writes. Chief among the reasons the PC is not dead yet are desktops' comparative cost-effectiveness, the lack of versatility of mobile devices, the fact that desktop and mobile OSes don't mix, and limitations inherent to tablet devices' dependencies on the cloud.
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RE: Clever strawman
by shotsman on Wed 7th Jul 2010 11:39 UTC in reply to "Clever strawman"
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The following questios spring to mind:-

1) Will the adoption of a device like the iPad or something similar provide adequate computing power & usability for the majority of current PC users?
2) Is the iPad the be all & end all of such devices.
3) can a tablet type device on its own provide the computing experience for the majority of current PC users?

My answers.
1) Possibly. Hmm. Actualy for someone who only wants to browse, shop & email then yes it may very well do the job quite nicely.
2) Nope. It is a good first version solution though.
3) Nope. If you back it up with appropriate local or Cloud based computing horse power & file storage then actually it might be.

Therefore, for a large number of current PC users a locked down device like the iPad could replace their PC.
By no means, is the iPAd the last word in tablet type devices.
Let us ask the same questions in 2 or 3 years time. My guess is that many of us will be wondering what the fuss was all about as we have hugely powerful tablets that hook up to our 100in TV screens effortlessly etc etc etc.
It is not so much as PC vs iPat/tablet but recognising a paradyme shift from what for the IT needs of many people

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