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Multimedia, AV Let's do some blatant copy/paste from Ars Technica. A few days ago they ran a story called "What's in your home theatre system?". This poll wasn't so much about listing specific speaker types or amplifier models as it was about a number of more recognisable devices you could vote for. Let's copy their idea, but make it more open: what's in your home theatre setup - and list everything, from CD player to DVR to the type of cabling used. Be as anal about is as you want. Read on for my setup.
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Multi Room system
by EvaTheDog on Fri 9th Jul 2010 14:01 UTC
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Just finished a new build and wired the whole lot up with Cat 6. Sent my HDMI round the house using HDMI-Ethernet converters.

Put speakers in every room's ceiling, all wired back to patch panel. Set up a CentOS server with a USB hub and 12 USB soundcards. 12 channel Amp takes feed from each soundcard and sends to speaker in each room.

Wrote a web app to control audio in every room. Can make up playlists, start, stop, advance, control volume etc all from web. Web app works on mobile phones that connect to Wifi.

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