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Multimedia, AV Let's do some blatant copy/paste from Ars Technica. A few days ago they ran a story called "What's in your home theatre system?". This poll wasn't so much about listing specific speaker types or amplifier models as it was about a number of more recognisable devices you could vote for. Let's copy their idea, but make it more open: what's in your home theatre setup - and list everything, from CD player to DVR to the type of cabling used. Be as anal about is as you want. Read on for my setup.
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A humble setup...
by Zekaric on Fri 9th Jul 2010 19:07 UTC
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Denon AVR-2XXX (can't remember the number) pre HDMI but 7.1 capable. Sounds good. Looks ok in silver.

PlayStation 3. Replaced a Denon DVD which is now collecting dust.

Sony 31" TUUUUUUBBBBE. I didn't really want to buy it but I moved out and needed something. At the time flat panels were way too expensive so I went with the cheapest I could find theater wide Tube. It was still pretty pricy. This'll be the next thing to replace. Hoping for 50" or more LCD once it looks like the feature set of the flat panels seem to settle down and the prices come down. I can wait.

Totem Arro for the left and right, front and surrounds.
Totem DreamCatcher center.
Totem DreamCatcher sub.
So only 5.1 at the moment. The speakers I think cost more than the Receiver, TV and DVD player at the time. They sound really good all round IMO. I'll probably never need to buy speakers ever again. Eventually I'll fill it out to 7.1 with two Totem DreamCatcher bookshelf speakers but no real hurry. No room for them at the moment.

I used to have my computer as the all in one thing but it really didn't work well at all. This was some time ago though. I haven't played with the recent options. I'm hoping the PlayStation will eventually get there.

I'd love a PVR/DVR but I find it real annoying that each television provider has their own 'proprietary' device for this capability. So you can't use one device with another's service. So I'm still waiting for them to see the light and allow me to have the choice of off the shelf options. Although I was thinking I might just drop TV service altogether. I haven't really used my money's worth of tv viewing for quite some time.

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