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Microsoft U.K. government staff suggested replacing Microsoft Corp. operating systems on computers with free alternatives in response to a call for ideas for Prime Minister David Cameron's cost-cutting drive.
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Comment by Panajev
by Panajev on Mon 12th Jul 2010 13:13 UTC
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The OSS movement has lots of poster children of good applications that are more than competitive enough with closed source ones: Firefox, VirtualBox, etc...
For all the good things OpenOffice does though (I use it as my Office application everyday), it has also considerably less polish than Office... down to some very very old bugs that never get addressed (including this Update related one: [not to mention that on OS X, I cannot get this window to close without quitting OpenOffice]

... not to mention that OpenOffice's GUI has stagnated for years...

Seeing this "failure" message for years is quite upsetting... but then, even VirtualBox has a strange Update behavior too... maybe related to critical updates and minor updates... sometimes I check for an update and I am told that I am running the latest version of VirtualBox only to check on the website and find that I am like 1 or 2 releases behind...).

In my experience, OpenOffice needs a lot more work on being 100% compatible at least with Office 2003/XP .doc/.xls/.ppt documents before... and I mean 100%, the document must look and print exactly the same in both applications.

Some business, governments especially, cannot or won't move unless such compatibility level is achieved.

OpenOffice relied on the "everyone hates MS and we are free so people will switch" a bit too much over the past few years...

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