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Multimedia, AV Let's do some blatant copy/paste from Ars Technica. A few days ago they ran a story called "What's in your home theatre system?". This poll wasn't so much about listing specific speaker types or amplifier models as it was about a number of more recognisable devices you could vote for. Let's copy their idea, but make it more open: what's in your home theatre setup - and list everything, from CD player to DVR to the type of cabling used. Be as anal about is as you want. Read on for my setup.
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My setup
by lydgate on Mon 12th Jul 2010 14:43 UTC
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Naim Nait 5i amplifier
Gale Symphony 400 cable (cheapest 16 gauge cable I could get, I'm not a believer)
Mordaunt Short 906i floorstanders
Roksan Radius V turntable
- Denon DL-304 moving coil cartridge
- Cambridge Audio Azur 640p phono stage
Technics SL-PS7 CD player which I never use
Marantz ST-48 tuner which is a glorified alarm clock
M-Audio Audiophile 2496 (in Debian machine below)

Edit: Forgot my headphone rig.

Little Dot Mk III tube amp
Sennheiser HD-650 headphones


LG 42LH3000 (42" LCD TV which I also use as a monitor)
Debian Lenny on HP ML-110 G4 with MythTV
- Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-T PCI card
- Matrox G550i PCIe, am going to rearrange things so I can use my nVidia GeForce 8600 GTS at some point
OpenSolaris ZFS machine with six SATA drives for storage
Sumvision MKV 1080p hard drive enclosure/media thingy
Recently retired Sony BDP-S360 blu-ray player (getting BD-ROM)

Edit: Oh and a Logitech Harmony One, which along with heyu and X10, also controls my lights. E.g. when I hit pause on MythTV/Sumvision/Blu-ray, my lights come on. Sweeet.

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