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Internet & Networking There's an article today at that looks at recent trends around net-based pay-for services and the smattering of paywalls from News Corp to the NYT that are up or threatening to be put up, and speculating that this could be the beginning of a trend. Of course, a YouTube video rental site and a few large publishers putting up paywalls will make zero difference to the "free internet" on their own. But if they're successful, it could spark emulation. But could this be a trend that could snowball enough to change the nature of the net?
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They seem to attract people that are completely full of shit.

ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN are ran by dishonest boomers from the 60's who still want to push their left-wing ideals on the public.

Fox News is some bizarro opposite combined with the classy presentation of a late night sports show.

NPR is filled with pretentious twits who try to hide their intellectually dishonesty with a dry, monotone presentation.

The major media outlets have made it clear that they do not at all care about objectivity. We see this every year with politics whereby each media outlook clearly takes a side.

Let the bleed, come up with new pay structures, whatever. Their level of influence has waned and will never be restored.

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