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Editorial I read David's post worrying about the end of the free internet and I had to respond, as I strongly disagree that free and advertising-supported content is the future. If anything, it is advertising-supported content that is destined to be a niche strategy, because of new internet technology that enables entirely new models and empowers consumers to have exactly what they want. Advertising will not support much content creation, so I suggest what will.
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Why does this keep coming up?
by eighty4 on Wed 14th Jul 2010 21:05 UTC
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IF PEOPLE THINK THEY CAN MAKE MONEY FROM THEIR INFORMATION, ASK WHATEVER YOU WANT. They already have as a matter of fact! Information is within the realms of a free-market capitalism and supply/demand have set the price. If you think you can make money for your work, try it by all means. Some have made a business and gotten paid, others have a hobby and work for free, and some quit. I think the ones who can capitalize already are. I certainly do not see a world-wide collaboration among websites on one business model. Not to mention the logistics of controlling the flow of information to keep it protected from "pirates", imagine the RIAA's job times millions. Back to the original purpose of newsgroups! As long as the nature of the information market remains a free-market capitalism, I see NOTHING changing. Supply and demand have gotten us to exactly where we are now, and without government interference, will continue to set the future trend.

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