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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless One of the first articles headline articles I wrote for Geekvine when we first started in May, was title 7 Reasons Blackberry Is Falling Behind and What It Can Do To Get Ahead. In that article, I discussed the reasons why RIM was being overtaken by the likes of Google and Apple and what it could do to get ahead. Sure, Blackberry devices are untouchable in the business sector but what about creating devices for the rest of us? The upcoming update to the Blackberry OS is a step in the right direction so I thought it was time to release an updated article and how things have changed. Today we'll discuss how Blackberry OS 6 will change the smartphone game and RIM may have in store for the future.
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RIM's demise exaggerted by geeks ?
by adamctemple on Thu 15th Jul 2010 03:03 UTC
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Everywhere I look around me i see someone my age (mid 20s) holding blackberry. Maybe its because i live in southern California or maybe its as the previous poster mentioned about them being free with a contract.

EIther way the demise of RIM seems greatly exaggerated by some more tech savy types on the internet because the company isnt offering a lot to excite these types right now. Most people just seem to want a solid messaging phone that they can occasionally check their facebook on and maybe lookup a movie time. Blackberrys are solid for this.

BTW i own a webOS phone if before you acuse me of fanboy-ism ;)

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It seems that blackberries have the over 18-20 texters market down pack. Most everyone I see with a BB never uses it for email, but as a super duper texters dream phone. It always seems when I see people with a BlackBerry they are never talking on it but just forever texting.

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That's because physical keyboards are win. Its fun seeing if you can message so fast your friends iPhone locks up ;)

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BB users don't text ... they all spend 20+ hours a day on BB Messenger aka BBM. In fact, most BB users don't even have an e-mail address or a phone number, just a BBM PIN. ;)

And it's all due to the hardware keyboard on every BB device (although the Pearl keyboards suck).

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