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OSNews, Generic OSes BareMetal is an open source 64-bit OS for x86-64 based computers. It is written in Assembly, and applications can be written in Assembly or C/C++. It's aimed at three target segments (High Performance Computing, Embedded Applications, and Education). It's also designed to be simple, and it's really small. Under 16Kb small. Version 0.4.8 was released recently, which includes updates to the C application library, updated documentation, and better support for SMP. It's good to see some innovation in the startup/hobbyist OS space. We wish them well!
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RE: Welcome home again, OSnews! :)
by sc3252 on Thu 15th Jul 2010 08:11 UTC in reply to "Welcome home again, OSnews! :)"
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I think Osnews is dead, I haven't seen much of anything of late. Really I come here out of habit and always leave feeling disappointed. Phoronix always has something new and exciting, I just wish OSnews could do the same. I guess though this is just a hobby website and it doesn't make any money.

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I think Osnews is dead,

Hmm, I personally like OSNews. I've been a daily visitor for who knows how long now and I can't say I am disappointed in any way really. One thing I especially like about OSNews is that commenting really works well and there's often interesting discussions here whereas f.ex. Slashdot's comments area tends to be full of useless stuff and flamebaits.

But well, each to their own, I s'pose.

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If you really come here out of habit you'd know why news has been slow the past month: Thom Holwerda is on a sabbatical for school. David Adams is doing a great job in his absence but as most of the daily news came straight from Thom, there has naturally been a visible effect.

Personally I like the pace of things here now; it reminds me of the old days when Eugenia was at the helm. And, as much as I enjoy Thom's articles and sense of humor, it's been refreshing to see all the different points of view in recent submissions.

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I have no problems with OSnews posting non-OS articles once in a while. I for one would rather read about interesting non-OS stuff than the latest boring release candidate from SUSE or Ubunthu.

I have found OSnews fair and balanced and intelligent while everyone else are selling their souls way too cheap for ad impressions and vendor cash (Eldar and the Engadget crew, I am looking at you).

So whether its about OS or something else, OSnews does a very good job and I am satisfied.

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