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SuSE, openSUSE The last time OpenSUSE users enjoyed a stable release was in November 2009 making today's release of OpenSUSE 11.3 a pretty big deal. This is the first release in the new eight month release schedule for OpenSUSE. Here are some screenshots of the OpenSUSE 11.3 install, KDE and GNOME desktops, and details about some of the popular new features in this release. Full Story
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Personal Mini Review 11.2 vs 11.3
by hibridmatthias on Fri 16th Jul 2010 14:14 UTC
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I have 11.2 and 11.3 installed side by side on my atom-based NetTop, just for comparisons. The results:

Installed last night, Netbook desktop booted up on my atom based netTop 11 seconds faster than my atom-based win7 netbook! Not alot but it just FELT faster. Nice!

Repositories were quicker (finally) to setup and use, making all my codecs a breeze to pick up and install. No time comparison here, but it was easier than I remember for 11.2. (Non sequitir: On my wireless setup with NDISWrapper on my old klodger HP laptop with wireless Broadcom was great. They wrote a nice command line tool that makes that a breeze now!)

It was nice to have KDevelop4 right there rather than 3.5, and the newer version was still a heck of a lot quicker to load than Aptana RadRails; It also loaded 2-4 seconds faster than 3.5 on 11.2. The integration with KDE4 felt great as well rather than the disjointed KDevelop 3.5 felt on 11.2. Will do some coding tonight to test it a bit more along with Kexi for viewing my Rails databases.

Nice instant recognition of all my hot plugged USB devices, a bit more fluid than 11.2 from the desktop.

I will be loading my .WAVs and converting them to MP3s tonight just to test Amarok. Dolphin is quick and the file previews are actually a bit snappier than in my 11.2 on the same hardware...give a report here if anyone is interested...

Still learning to get comfy with the Netbook mode, but it is FUN! As for plasma, installed my standard plasmoids with NO segfaults. Ditto with downloading themes and wallpapers.

Looking forward to testing LXDE and comparing boot times to the Netbook mode, as well as KMail and Konqueror to see how Akonadi is coming along. Firefox was a bit quicker (subjectively) than on my 11.2 install.

Overall, definitely probably the second best incremental upgrade I have seen (8.2 to 8.3 was my favorite!)

For those who were as frustrated with the KDE4 changeover as I was initally, I believe now is the time to try KDE again; the feature parity is pretty close from a hack/hobbyist developer standpoint.

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Yep, the Plasma desktop and most apps are pretty much there in 4.4 - and 4.5 is coming. Unfotunately Suse won't ship that anytime soon, I hope the next release will do better in that regard. Then again, at least this is rather stable...

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