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Apple In a move that should surprise nobody, Apple has sort-of admitted to iPhone antenna problems in their press conference this morning, claiming it affects a small number of users, but they claim to be working hard to fix the problems that they have confirmed. They've offered free bumpers (that have until now been a $30 accessory) to all iPhone buyers, and are offering to waive any restocking fees for anyone who wants to return their iPhone 4. Whether or not there's going to be a hardware fix for future iPhones, Steve Jobs says he doesn't know yet whether that will happen.
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RE[4]: Can't agree
by mtzmtulivu on Fri 16th Jul 2010 21:25 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Can't agree"
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If you don't have the phone or haven't been affected by the issue, do the internet a favor and STFU.

This has truly been one of the most overblown things ive ever seen in my years in technology and living in general. Bought something, doesn't work, take it back, get your money back, duh! Ranting on the net wont solve the problem, will it?

The problem affected .55% of people, less than 1 percent of 3MM affected. What company wouldn't love those numbers, imagine the ratio of people that eat at McDonald's and what their complaint rate is. Guys, please go outside once in a while, there is a world out there. And if you are outside, get of the damned computer.

what? cant handle your favorite company being in a spotlight with something negative?

In the desktop OS space, apple has around 7% market share in the US and around 3% world wide and look at the coverage they get in tech media and blogs. What marketshare do apple have in the smartphone world in the US? world wide?

There are a lot of things from apple that are unreasonably blown out of proportion and you just noticed it now? Can you point to any comment you made complaining about overcoverage of something from apple when it was positive coverage?

you get the attention when the times are great and its only fair to get some of it when the times arent that great.

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