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Apple In a move that should surprise nobody, Apple has sort-of admitted to iPhone antenna problems in their press conference this morning, claiming it affects a small number of users, but they claim to be working hard to fix the problems that they have confirmed. They've offered free bumpers (that have until now been a $30 accessory) to all iPhone buyers, and are offering to waive any restocking fees for anyone who wants to return their iPhone 4. Whether or not there's going to be a hardware fix for future iPhones, Steve Jobs says he doesn't know yet whether that will happen.
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RE[2]: Phone Network Helps?
by REM2000 on Fri 16th Jul 2010 21:56 UTC in reply to "RE: Phone Network Helps?"
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Ive tried holding in both hands how i hold a standard phone and it's working fine. Perhaps if i was to hold it in one particular way it might start dropping, im not sure as i haven't really played around with it and tried to get it to drop. This is not to say that some users are not having a problem when they hold the phone.

As i mentioned the O2 network in the UK has got excellent coverage so perhaps i do get a good reception. However ive been getting good reception in the SE of england, Norfolk, Essex, Suffolk, Cambridge and london. Traveling on the train the signal has remained stronger (i.e. it doesn't drop as often and the internet speed is faster). So the signal test has not been limited to my particular home town.

Perhaps without the update the signal is displayed stronger, however i based my review on usage, i.e. making the calls and surfing/net connections and the phone has had a better connection than my previous phone, my experiences with phones mean i don't usually pay much attention to the signal strength, im really only interested if it's EDGE or 3G.

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RE[3]: Phone Network Helps?
by godawful on Fri 16th Jul 2010 22:07 in reply to "RE[2]: Phone Network Helps?"
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I've had mine for a couple weeks now and couldn't understand what all the hoopla was about, my reception is much better than it was before and I've yet to drop a call (admittedly, I don't make _that_ many calls).
In regular usage (despite the fact I'm a lefty) I was unable to replicate all the problems. Finally watching the videos I was able to sort of duplicate the problem. that being I dropped from 3 bars to 1.

Color me happy, dont even think I'll grab a bumper since I've had zero problems.

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