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Apple In a move that should surprise nobody, Apple has sort-of admitted to iPhone antenna problems in their press conference this morning, claiming it affects a small number of users, but they claim to be working hard to fix the problems that they have confirmed. They've offered free bumpers (that have until now been a $30 accessory) to all iPhone buyers, and are offering to waive any restocking fees for anyone who wants to return their iPhone 4. Whether or not there's going to be a hardware fix for future iPhones, Steve Jobs says he doesn't know yet whether that will happen.
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They noticed too late, obviously, or they didn't listen.

They obviously sent the thing to manufacturing before making a stab at changes, so they whipped up the bumpers as an easy way to fix the problem. Unlike iPod socks, they had a real need.

I can understand that the product was running late, but Apple don't test work crap. It's like being in the defense industry. They test where they know it won't fail and leave alone the places where it will fail. A lot has gone downhill with the company since before they released Leopard.

They seem to be in such a rush to become more popular and make more money that they only skim the surface on getting to the real issues.

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As far as I can see many phones suffer from the same problem as the iPhone 4 and ten minutes on Google turned this lot up:

Nexus One

Nokia 2320

Nokia E71

Nokia 1208


HTC Incredible

The issues with the iPhone do of course receive vastly more coverage in the media but that's because Apple and the iPhone are newsworthy. Remember - trying to work out what is happening in the world by looking at news headlines is like trying to tell the time by watching the second hand on a clock.

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I totally agree with you about th E71. What a POS.
The only redeming thing about it was the keyboard & texting.
As a phone? Crap. Lost calls by the dozen even with handsfree.

I replaced it a while ago with an unlocked 3GS. Same network. Same place where I live. No dropped calls.
ergo, the phone was a POS.

I really am glad though I don't have to put up with AT&T. By comparison with them even Orange pretty good and that is saying something.

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