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Apple In a move that should surprise nobody, Apple has sort-of admitted to iPhone antenna problems in their press conference this morning, claiming it affects a small number of users, but they claim to be working hard to fix the problems that they have confirmed. They've offered free bumpers (that have until now been a $30 accessory) to all iPhone buyers, and are offering to waive any restocking fees for anyone who wants to return their iPhone 4. Whether or not there's going to be a hardware fix for future iPhones, Steve Jobs says he doesn't know yet whether that will happen.
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RE: Did you listen to the words?
by victorhooi on Mon 19th Jul 2010 00:40 UTC in reply to "Did you listen to the words?"
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No, he didn't give hard data, he gave a silly, prepared speech with a lot of obfuscation, dodging, faked demo videos, and pandering to Apple fans...

His speech had bad statistics, and misleading, vague statements, as well as outright lies - things that RIM and Nokia have now come out, and (rightly) publicly slammed him for.

Look, he values design/looks over functionality, and that's his prerogative. And the people buying it are fully aware of it, and perhaps that's what they prefer as well, there's nothing wrong with that.

However, to come out and lie about competitors products, to try and mask faults with your own products - that's just deceptive, no matter how you spin it.


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