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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Dell has this "highly sophisticated website" telling us "WHICH OPERATING SYSTEM SHOULD I CHOOSE ?" Ubuntu or Windows? Read the site and understand why it is a "highly sophisticated website"
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Designed by Microsoft?
by pilotgi on Tue 20th Jul 2010 19:06 UTC
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Did Microsoft design this ad and Dell agreed to run it? They're implying that Ubuntu is for programmers only. What bullsh1t.

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by Karitku on Tue 20th Jul 2010 19:51 in reply to "Designed by Microsoft?"
RE[2]: Designed by Microsoft?
by WorknMan on Tue 20th Jul 2010 21:02 in reply to "RE: Designed by Microsoft?"
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Okey here is scenario for you. Person goes buy laptop, he/she has never ever used computer so naturally he/she will have some problem, so where is she/he gonna ask help? Normal people will ask friends, co-workers or relatives for help. So how big you think is change that those people know even WTF ubuntu is, near zero.

Yup, this basically sums it up. If my parents bought a new computer with Ubuntu installed and asked me for help (as I'm the first person they always go to), I'd be like sorry... I can help you with Windows, but you're shit outta luck now. I bet they'd probably get the same thing if they called their ISP for tech support, or any number of hardware vendors ...

I would definitely discourage them from going the Ubuntu route, unless they know a Linux geek who can provide support for them ...

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