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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless We've been expecting HP to make an official announcement on its rumored webOS tablet since their acquisition of Palm, but have come up with nothing yet. Crave is reporting that we may at least finally have a name for the device after the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted HP a trademark last week. The name? The HP PalmPad. While not entirely original, it's a nice nod to the company which is making the device possible and is at least more descriptive than say the Streak or the (what the hell is a) JooJoo.
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by vodoomoth on Wed 21st Jul 2010 08:01 UTC
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In addition to the misleading title as @gmlongo already said, I feel uncomfortable seeing the same text of this article, word for word and link for link, on a (Geekvine) page that's linked from one the links (the "the Streak" link) in the article.

We need to make it clearer what, in news announcements, is the wording of OSnews editors and submitters, and what has been borrowed from elsewhere, in which case, a proper quoting is required. If the submitter wrote the thing elsewhere and brings it to our attention, it also needs to be clear.

There is a lot of ripping, stealing, deceitful quoting on the web these days, we don't need to add to that pile. Just some thoughts.

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