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Benchmarks Blogger Kevin Bowling takes a look at the never-ending stream of benchmarks from Phoronix, with various Linux distros pitted against each other and even different operating systems, and he wonders, are they bullshit? . Case in point, this Debian vs FreeBSD benchmark that was submitted to OSNews yesterday.
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A bit old, perhaps?
by Soulbender on Mon 26th Jul 2010 04:34 UTC
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Seriously, the article is almost 2 years old and while Phoronix benchmark may be rubbish I have a hard time taking anyone seriously who also post junk like this:

Hey Kev,
You know what kind of people I immediately lose respect for? People who judge others on such shallow grounds.

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RE: A bit old, perhaps?
by kev009 on Tue 27th Jul 2010 12:26 in reply to "A bit old, perhaps?"
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I reviewed the post about phoronix and the points are as valid today as they were then. In general, I try to write blog posts that have meaning beyond current events and use wordpress more as an old-school homepage. I guess the blog format/expectation is sometimes counterproductive. I don't understand why Michael doesn't simply take the advice given to him and enable error bars, more carefully document testing conditions, and dial back the sometimes comical analysis.

Seriously, the Ubuntu post was a tongue-in-cheek troll. Although I do believe at best Canonical isn't doing enough to shepherd underlying development of their OS, I cannot think of any person or thing I hate in life. I use Linux as a workstation class OS and the Ubuntu community are not as helpful as others in this role. At the time, it seemed like the general tide of Ubuntu users I'd met in real life and online were giving off a sort of snobby Mac aura and I wanted to stir the pot. The comments are quite comical, all across the board, and worth reading so it was successful with respect to my intentions.

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