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Intel An interesting article at Ars Technica takes a look at some compelling data (the longer-than-normal processor update cycles in Apple's personal computer lineup) and speculates that Apple's enthusiasm for its partnership with Intel might be cooling. Like Apple's soured relationship with once-BFF Google, this may be the result of Intel's increasing activities in the mobile computing space.
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Jobs doesn't care about the Macintosh
by 3rdalbum on Tue 27th Jul 2010 10:37 UTC
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He only really cares about his latest product-of-the-week.

Macintoshes? They're last decade. Even iPods and the Apple TV are old hat. The iPhone will rapidly diminish into "abandonware" when Steve Jobs releases a new gadget.

Apple only concentrates on the two devices that have been most recently released, and those two do not contain Intel CPUs.

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I disagree; I think he cares greatly about the Macintosh, he just cares more about the iDevices right now, as they are the big money makers at Apple.

As such, there will come a time when the two concepts merge and future Macs will either be hybrid OS X/iOS on x86-64 chips or -- far-fetched but within the realm of possibility -- they will be ARM based super-iDevices. Either way it will be a big shift away from what we OS X users are comfortable with.

Good thing (for me) that Haiku is making steady progress.

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