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Intel An interesting article at Ars Technica takes a look at some compelling data (the longer-than-normal processor update cycles in Apple's personal computer lineup) and speculates that Apple's enthusiasm for its partnership with Intel might be cooling. Like Apple's soured relationship with once-BFF Google, this may be the result of Intel's increasing activities in the mobile computing space.
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once ARM CPUs have 3GHz and 16 cores the typical Apple fan will not care.

You forgot one other need: become 64 bit capable, AFAIK current ARM architectures are 32bit only which isn't good enough in some case.

If memory serves, there was an ARM paper at Hot Chips, this year, which talked about this kind of extension..

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IMO 64 bit isnt that big a deal... until you hit the 4Gb ram limit and must resort to things like PAE even then It might be better to go to something like 48 bit as it would be denser I believe some old IBM mainframes used something like that.

most of the stuff 64bit speeds up is better ran on a DSP than an applications processor anyway. video... and I believe checksuming for the ZFS filesystem would be good examples though I'm not sure how the latter would work on a DSP

If you really think about it most applications don't even need 32bit can could get along fine on 16 or 8 bit systems, modern games and multimedia do pretty much need 32bit though.

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With the ever increasing media needs and uses of phones these days, the 4GB "barrier" will be hit in short order on mobile devices. Don't kid yourself, we are at most two years out from that limit on smart phones. Higher MP cameras and HD video will need more memory, if for nothing else than to buffer frames.

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