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Intel An interesting article at Ars Technica takes a look at some compelling data (the longer-than-normal processor update cycles in Apple's personal computer lineup) and speculates that Apple's enthusiasm for its partnership with Intel might be cooling. Like Apple's soured relationship with once-BFF Google, this may be the result of Intel's increasing activities in the mobile computing space.
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The new Samsung Galaxy S has 2GB RAM. While I do not own one, it was a joy to use during a demo. It felt very fast while multitasking because backgrounded apps that would have been swapped out of memory on lesser phones reloaded quicker since their contents were still in memory. As other posters have mentioned, video apps that support 720p will likely take large chunks of memory. With the current progression of smartphones, I would have to agree with jgagnon and I would be surprised if we didn't see smartphones with 4GB within the next two years.

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erm.. no sPhone does not have 2Gb of ram. Maybe storage but not ram. It has 512Mb of LPDDR2 ram.

iPhone 4 for example has the same amount of slower LPDDR ram.

As for the dual core cpu's in phones... I'm pretty sure both nokia and HP had those. Actaully those were dual CPU's phones... but that counts too ;) It's nokia N96 I think... and that's an old phone.

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