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Red Hat CentOS, with almost 30% of all Linux servers. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux-derived distro is #1 according to Web Technology Surveys.
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RE[3]: Really a good distro
by ozonehole on Wed 28th Jul 2010 03:21 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Really a good distro"
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A couple of comments about Caitlyn Martin...

I went and read the links to the article she wrote about CentOS. Far from just complaining about an out-of-date Firefox, she made made some other very well-reasoned comments. It doesn't sound to me like a vendetta. Among other online posts, she writes for DistroWatch, and her comments are usually well-researched. Most likely, far better researched than yours. However, if you don't agree with what she says, feel free to respond IN AN INTELLIGENT MANNER, rather than character assassination.

Which brings me to this: as for Caitlyn's sexuality and/or medical condition, that is totally out of bounds. You don't know her, and you don't know what she's been through. Would you like us to have a public discussion about your sexual and medical history? What goes round comes round.

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RE[4]: Really a good distro
by nt_jerkface on Wed 28th Jul 2010 04:42 in reply to "RE[3]: Really a good distro"
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You don't see anything wrong with citing a single delayed desktop browser update as indicative of the overall timeliness of updates from a server centric distro?

How about at least a more relevant update like a vulnerability in openldap?

Oh look at that issued the next day on CENTOS:

Based on the same sample size that Caitlyn used maybe I should conclude that Cent delivers updates within 24 hours of RHEL.

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RE[5]: Really a good distro
by gnufreex on Wed 28th Jul 2010 13:05 in reply to "RE[4]: Really a good distro"
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Do you ever research when you post?

From wikipedia:


5.5 CentOS 2010-05-14 RHEL 2010-03-31
5.4 CentOS 2009-10-21 RHEL 2009-09-02
5.3 CentOS 2009-03-31 RHEL 2009-01-20
5.2 CentOS 2008-06-24 RHEL 2008-05-21

More over here

It is almost always more than one month, and sometimes close to 2 months. It looks like you are one having vendetta... against Red Hat... and there is probably again your old vendetta against GPL. You even admitted that in previous posts.

PS: As for alerts, alert gets you nothing without patch. You only know that there is a problem, you still need to wait patch to come in CentOS.

Also note that news are only accessible to paid subscribers of in first 7 days. After 7 days expire, everyone else sees the news.

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