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Gnome GNOME developer Dave Neary has posted the highlights of his work to determine where contributions to GNOME come from. This "Census" is a combination of data mining and surveys that gives a snapshot of gnome activity and the profile of a GNOME contributor. This project's aims were to answer three questions in particular: What does the developer community look like? What companies are investing in GNOME, and how? What does the commercial ecosystem around the GNOME project look like?
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RE: Shuttleworth
by Fettarme H-Milch on Fri 30th Jul 2010 22:48 UTC in reply to "Shuttleworth"
Fettarme H-Milch
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Good read on many levels.

Yeah, especially on the level when he talks about "tribalism makes you stupid" and "The very uncool thing about being a fanboy (or fangirl) of a project is that you’re openly declaring both a tribal affiliation and a willingness to reject the work of others just because they belong to a different tribe." in the light that he was one of the biggest flamers against Novell and the deals Novell signed with MS, "inviting" all SUSE personnel to quit their jobs at Novell and work on Ubuntu for free, because that's were the only true freedom lies (except that Ubuntu is not a democracy as we know since a few months), but then happily using all technology that came out of those deals (OOXML compatibility for, newer MS Remote Desktop protocols support for rdesktop, Mono, Exchange compatibility for Evolution, etc. pp.) without acknowledging former flaming as wrong at all.

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RE[2]: Shuttleworth
by gnufreex on Sun 1st Aug 2010 06:36 in reply to "RE: Shuttleworth"
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What Novell did was not to be praised. They made that technology with knowingly breaking Microsoft patents. Only Novell have right to use that under the deal, and Microsoft can sue others for code that Novell created. And Novell is about to get bought.

Novell created a mess and oiled Microsoft FUD machine. They are nothing but Microsoft proxy now. Shuttleworth was right about Novell. He should bash them harder.

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