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Graphics, User Interfaces As Nvidia falters, Advanced Micro Devices' ATI graphics unit is on the rise, spurred by "radical" shifts in the market, according to Mercury Research, which tracks the market for GPUs or graphics processing units.
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More power to em'
by Kivada on Sat 31st Jul 2010 08:57 UTC
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With all the support AMD/ATI have been giving to OSS projects in the for of docs, code and devs it's hard to fault them, unless you are one of those Nv fanboi's that think that VDPAU is mana from heaven and nothing AMD can do is good.

I'm looking forward to what becomes of the OSS Gallium drivers for the HD series hardware, soon the feature sets should be implemented to a point where it will make sense to start optimizing the code for speed.

I'm also looking forward to what their chipset docs can do for the Coreboot project as well as what OpenCL can do for various apps as I've been looking at building a new HTPC.

Thinking that an all DAAMIT system would do nicely with an Phenom 2 e910 quad, a Powercolor Go Green HD5750 and an 890GX mobo with sideport VRam for the HD4290 so as to set the bios to make the IGP only use it's own dedicated VRam instead of dipping into system ram but using the HD5750 as the output card leaving the HD4290 as a slow, but dedicated OpenCL processor.

Paired up with an SSD, low noise cooler like a Scythe Kabuto and a Seasonic X series PSU the box should be essentially silent while being able to handle most any game that works on Linux either natively or via Wine at 1920x1080.

So here's to hoping that AMD can have the same success with the HD6 series as they have enjoyed with the HD5 series and their next series of CPUs is able to more then match Intel's offerings.

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