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Hardware, Embedded Systems AMD plans to start shipping the USB 3-equipped chipset in the fourth quarter of 2010, beating Intel to the post. Intel hasn't announced its official plans for integrated USB 3 support yet, but various sources say it's not expected until we're well into 2011.
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RE: Lightspeak
by Lennie on Sat 31st Jul 2010 09:15 UTC in reply to "Lightspeak"
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Maybe FW is more complicated to implement and thus more expensive or there are very few manufacturers of chips which keep the prices high.

This is what is said on Wikipedia:

"However, the royalty which Apple and other patent holders initially demanded from users of FireWire (US$0.25 per end-user system) and the more expensive hardware needed to implement it (US$1–$2), both of which have since been dropped[citation needed], have prevented FireWire from displacing USB in low-end mass-market computer peripherals, where product cost is a major constraint."

I do know that in IT/electronics everything wants to gravitate towars a mono-culture/monopoly. And if USB has a very large part of the market (because of a slightly lower price), it will mean bulk prices go down for those chips.

Maybe we'll never know.

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RE[2]: Lightspeak
by Kivada on Sat 31st Jul 2010 09:29 in reply to "RE: Lightspeak"
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Yah, we get what they pay for, which is disconcerting as most companies these days only look at next quarter profits without having any kind of long term goal, which as we have seen time and time again has caused nothing but bad things, not just in IT.

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