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Linux As smartphone prices decline, they have become more popular every day. Symbian, PalmOS, Windows Mobile and Linux seem to be the big names in this high-end market of phones, all showcasing PDA-like features, native toolkits and fast processors. Today we are looking at one of the most popular Linux smartphones (especially in Asia), the Motorola E680i, which was released around May 2005 and was graciously provided by for this article.
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RE: Maybe I'm retarded...but..
by ormandj on Tue 11th Oct 2005 20:32 UTC in reply to "Maybe I'm retarded...but.."
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Ok, I counted up the totals.

# of things said about the phone good/bad
Good: 12
Bad: 22

Of course you can count things slightly differently, I tried to combine like things together (both bad/good), but regardless, I don't see this as a 7/10 unless it's a 7/10 compared to other linux phones only. That's one horrible phone.

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The phone works, get over yourself. Just because I mentioned the bads (as I should), it doesn't mean that ALL the goods are mentioned in the review. If I was to do that, I would need 100 pages for this review. The good points are more than the bad ones. I used the phone and in my mind, it does deserve a 7/10. It is on SOME of the DETAILS only that the phone needs more debugging and love from Motorola.

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Over myself? Yes, I agree you did a good job reviewing the phone, hence I used your review as the only source of information concerning the phone. If I thought your review was poor, I would not have done so. No need for petty insults.

I simply didn't feel your review backed up the 7/10 rating. The review seemed more like a 2/10. Now maybe the phone has some great qualities you left out (of course who will write a 100 page review), but your review really doesn't convey that. It's a whole lot of negative, with a little bit a positive, and a fairly positive rating.

I just felt you should be a little more detailed in why the phone is *good* if you felt it deserved a 7/10 rating. I'm not arguing about the rating of the phone, I've never used one, I'm sure 7/10 is accurate. I just felt the review didn't display the phone in a 7/10 light. Maybe you can get over yourself now? I'm not arguing with your rating, per say. ;)

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