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Gnome Yesterday it was announced that GNOME 3.0 is delayed till next year. The extra time has given the Shell Developers some more time to play around with new concepts and they have come up a new mockup. Here are the new mockups.
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Fettarme H-Milch
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Who do reviews these days? It seems to be only based on personal view and not neutral at all.

Shocking revelations: Reviews are based on the opinion of the author!

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SlackerJack Member since:

Well, Bad reviews have opinions throughout like this one. Good reviews are not based on personal opinion because they're reviewing it for the wider audience.

I think OSNews should stick to review like Ars do, rather than junk like this.

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Ultima Member since:

So you would rather your reviews be 100% objective, right?

Quite an engaging read, wouldn't you say? There is no such thing as an "unbiased" review; that'd be a report. The reviews on Ars can be *plenty* opinionated (see: ), often even by the authors' own admission.

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