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Hardware, Embedded Systems AMD plans to start shipping the USB 3-equipped chipset in the fourth quarter of 2010, beating Intel to the post. Intel hasn't announced its official plans for integrated USB 3 support yet, but various sources say it's not expected until we're well into 2011.
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RE: Lightspeak
by BallmerKnowsBest on Sat 31st Jul 2010 19:47 UTC in reply to "Lightspeak"
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If you think USB is better then you have never used Firewire

And if you think Firewire's impressive, you've never used eSATA or any moden SCSI implementation. Both make Firewire look like a pathetic slowpoke.

Only two things have kept Firewire alive this long. The first was Apple's "Not Invented Here" stubborn refusal to support USB 2, until years after everyone else supported it. And the second was DV cams with FW support.

With the current version of FW being able to handle 3.2 Gbps and with the next version (IEEE P1394d) doubling that to 6.4Gbps it should be no contest

LOL! There are barely any devices that support FW 800, let alone the 1600 and 3200 variants (even though the standard was ratified back in 2007). With that track record, would expect shipping 6.4Gbps Firewire devices sometime around 2015.

considering that FW is actually able to get close to it's rated speed while I've never seen USB ever get within miles of it's rated speed.

Of course, the difference is that the people behind USB don't have their heads firmly inserted in their asses. Case in point: FW 800's lack of backwards-compatibility with FW 400. I would love to have been in that planning meeting.

"Hey guys, I got a brilliant idea! Let's introduce a newer, faster version of the standard... and get this, lets make the cables incompatible! That way, we'll fragment an already-tiny niche, and even our existing installed base will have to jump through hoops to use the new version!"

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