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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Microsoft had its annual financial analyst meeting on Thursday, and Steve Ballmer answered questions about what the company's answer to the iPad was going to be, and whether Windows Phone 7 was going to be a part of that product strategy. He said, "We're coming . . . We're coming full guns. The operating system is called Windows." Ballmer and Microsoft so don't get it. I can't believe Steve Ballmer is making me feel sorry for Microsoft.
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You could be right but if I had to bet one any one big tech still being around, big, exciting and thriving in 15 years it would be Apple.

They have been a major player for over 30 years now and here we find them three decades later not dependent on milking some ancient product line (with the possible exception of the actual Mac) but rather innovating like wild rolling out one product after another that transforms existing markets.

What other 30 year old tech company could be described as exciting?

Firstly, "innovating" is putting a touch strongly. The vast majorety of their "innovations" have evolutionary ideas with stacks of prior art. What Apple do well is the attention to detail, but that's not innovation either.

As for them being a major playing in 15 years? Possibly. However they're already starting to fall out of favour with many people because of their draconian business practices, resent bad publicity and the fact that there's now other devices out there that can perform just as well as many of Apples devices yet are cheaper and/or are much more open.

This next few years will be essential for Apple: they can no longer ride off the back of their past successes (for reasons stated above). In terms of the iPhone, if they're not careful, history will repeat itself (Microsoft Winning out to Apple because Microsoft offered a choice of hardware running a comparable OS while Apple was more expensive and offered less choice)

Personally, I hope Apple are still around and going strong because as much as I personally hate the OTT PR and the fanboyism attached to the company, they do also know how shake up a stagnant market.

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