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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris A recent vague announcement on osol-announce hints that something big is rumbling for OpenSolaris: "A number of the community leaders from the OpenSolaris community have been working quietly together on a new effort called Illumos, and we're just about ready to fully disclose our work to, and invite the general participation of, the general public." They have a website, and they're going to be hosting a conference call on August 3.
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Only reasonable strategy is to take drivers code and libc from FreeBSD and mesh it with OpenSolaris carcass in order to get something workable as fast is possible. That is only technological and legally compatible solution. It would throw down any binary compatibility with Oracle Solaris, but it could get the project going. But then again, porting sunos kernel to BSD libc is a daunting task.

I hope it is not too difficult to just compile the current OpenSolaris source code and swap the proprietary encumbered parts to open source. If they succeed with swapping, then in principle it is just a recompilation every time when Oracle checks in OpenSolaris source code. Which would be often, because development of the OpenSolaris source code is very rapid.

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I don't think that can be done. Remember Mainframe port of OpenSolaris? Oracle killed it just by firing the guy who was assigned to compile blobs on the mainframe. If Oracle stops compiling those blobs for every release, it is as good as dead. It can't run without libc.

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That's exactly what illumos is working on - i18n is the first (and probably most important) step.
And Garrett actually tries to achieve binary compatibility. :-)

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