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GNU, GPL, Open Source We are heading towards a world where we no longer own the hardware we buy -- and there is no point in having free software if you can't own your hardware.
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RE: Only geeks will care.
by vivainio on Mon 2nd Aug 2010 20:01 UTC in reply to "Only geeks will care."
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They get free software as a means to lower their development costs, not because they share any kind of ideals with the open source community.

This is absolutely not true. Free Software doesn't necessarily lower the development costs, esp. when you are doing all the development from your own budget (as Nokia is doing with Qt, for example).

Doing free software has the promise of being ubiquitous, and palatable to wide mass of developers (because free software ensures a company can't screw you over if/when you decide to "buy in" on a given technology). Both Google and Nokia get this, and it's pretty much compatible with ideals of the open source community to me.

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RE[2]: Only geeks will care.
by moondevil on Mon 2nd Aug 2010 22:37 in reply to "RE: Only geeks will care."
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Actually Nokia does not get this 100%.

It all depends on which Nokia unit you are speaking about.

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