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GNU, GPL, Open Source We are heading towards a world where we no longer own the hardware we buy -- and there is no point in having free software if you can't own your hardware.
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RE[3]: Is it good or bad?
by Zifre on Tue 3rd Aug 2010 12:24 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Is it good or bad?"
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Only a total lame ass has a problem with coughing up a few bucks for a game.

True, but that describes 90% of the population. I've paid for many games on my iPod Touch, but most of my friends with iOS devices have 100s of free apps and 2-10 paid apps. So my guess is that the average purchase price for an app in the App Store is ~$.05.

Mobile devices can be locked down and desktops can be used for development.

Why do we need this dichotomy?

Most developers would likely prefer it this way if it meant having proper DRM that eliminated piracy like the PS3.

By most developers I think you mean you. You do realize that the PS3 is pretty much the only DRM that has worked, and I really hope you aren't suggesting that is a good model to follow. I really don't want to see a world where you have to pay big money just to develop a little game (or even $100...).

FSF demands are out of alignment with most users and developers. And by FSF I really mean Stallman.

True. RMS sometimes reminds me of the fundamentalist Christians.

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