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Hardware, Embedded Systems The newest member of Kingston's performance memory series is the HyperX H2O. As you can probably guess from the name these DDR3 memory modules are liquid-cooled, with the line running along the top of the heatsink. The kits will come in dual- and triple-channel varieties in 4GB and 6GB capacities. The 2×2GB kits come in frequencies of 2000MHz or 2133MHz.
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Completely pointless waste of money
by deathshadow on Tue 3rd Aug 2010 23:15 UTC
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Since at 9-11-9-27 CAS you are neck-in-neck with 7-7-7-20 DDR3-1333 on the total effect on system performance real world.

See the article on Tom's a while back that showed less than 1% performance difference between 1066 CAS7 and 1600 CAS9.

But much like 10K RPM drives in the age of high density low platter count systems and hexa-core processors that at a higher clockspeed are still outperformed by the competitions lower priced quads - some people really do just want to throw money away on nothing.

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thavith_osn Member since:

Throw money away? Maybe Apple will add these as a build to order option, but bump the price up even more...

P.S. I'm an Apple fanboi but know price isn't Apple's strong point.

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Kivada Member since:

Who the hell would ever buy Ram or drives from Apple? The markup is insane for something I could train a retarded chihuahua to do...

Yes, ram speed doesn't help much over all, mostly because we only need tiny portions at once thus never saturating the bandwidth available.

But if you are going to do it, do it right and push at least ddr3 1866 with a cas no higher then 8-8-8-24.

Unfortunately there are no overclocking options in a Mac, you can hardmod, but that is usually far more trouble then it's worth and will void any warranty.

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