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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Greg DeKoenigsberg set off what would become a firestorm of debate in the Linux community last week when he posted rant against Canonical for their low ranking on number of commits to GNOME, based on a recent census study. Over the weekend, DeKoenigsberg apologized for the rant and explained in a more measured tone why he lashed out in anger at the findings of the GNOME Census, then again later at Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth's response to the debate, a broader argument against tribalism.
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by ichi on Thu 5th Aug 2010 00:00 UTC
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If Canonical is driving the Linux Desktop mindshare ridding on RedHat's (and others) code, they are doing something right that RedHat isn't (and yes, that would be marketing).

And anyway, considering that Canonical is marketing first and development second (or even further down the stack), 1 to 16 is not so dismal.

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