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Internet Explorer The British government has rejected a call to dump Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), saying that it is saving taxpayers' money by staying with the nine-year-old browser.
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they are either dumb or lying
by project_2501 on Thu 5th Aug 2010 21:33 UTC
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They are either dumb or lying.

The UK governments own policy and strategy states that you shouldn't build web apps or indeed any apes which unnecessarily tie you to a browser, client or device. But of course this doesn't happen and so they are left in a mess. If they did things properly, they could use any modern browser.

The reality is that they have had circles run round them by IT vendors with no challenge from "unintelligent customers" who have no expertise in what makes for a good, maintainable, long lasting IT.

They're lying about saving money. They're hiding their incompetence.

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Of course i saves money.. Have you ever worked with Gov IT projects?

As soon as you upgrade/change Anything you have to 'retrain' staff. You would be amazed how stubborn (petulant) some workers can be. Also, at the moment everything 'works'. If they upgrade then discover a multitude of council portals no longer render correctly, or some dodgy activeX implementation is to insecure, are these to be updated as well?

The UK gov will almost certainly hold out until XP comes to an end under the 'it works, well enough' concept.

At that point, it will be all change. Windows 7? Linux/Open Source OS*?

*Don't forget the Conservative (Main Party) 'digital manifesto' advocated greater use of open source software in local and national gov

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