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Apple The "Macs are too expensive" argument is one of the most tiresome and long-lived flamewars in internet history. Obviously, Apple makes a premium product and charges premium prices, and you can always find a computer from another vendor that seems to match or exceed specs that costs less. But if you look at Apple's Mac Pro line, and compare it not so much to other vendors, but to the past lineup of Mac Pros, you discover some very unpleasant truths that help explain why Apple is enjoying record earnings for their Mac line, but doing so to the detriment of some its most loyal and valuable customers.
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RE: its a double whammy - "more expensive"
by jabbotts on Fri 6th Aug 2010 22:32 UTC in reply to "its a double whammy"
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Generally, the Intel based Apple machines have been on par with other professional grade hardware. Compared to an Acer.. sure, Apple looks expensive but put the hardware beside a business class machine like a Lenovo T or X series and your hitting the same price range.

Granted, this data may show them crossing back over into a state of more profit than substance.. we'll see I guess.

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hraq Member since:

1. Lenovo T series offer 5 years warranty on hardware; Apple offer only 3 years maximum.
2. Most Apple hardware fail within 3 years if used at medium and less than 2 years if pushed harder (Exception is Server).
3. Mac Pro is a bigger jump that alot of mac users doesn't want.
but they want expandability. Anyway if you would improve your GPU later on then you will not find any vender to sell you one without paying 500$ for just a single model due to Apple tagging the hardware.

Yes it is dangerous to compute with Apple due to price problems; but they have the best OS and the best experience buy 1AU (Astronomical Unit)

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but they have the best OS

They may have had a few years ago. Today? Forget it - Windows 7 is better in almost every aspect. It's faster, more responsive, has far better graphics and audio subsystems, and requires far fewer resources to get there.

Mac OS X has been the neglected child for a while now, and the cracks are starting to show.

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Except the quality of a IBM Thinkpad T60 or something such would had been much better than the Apple Macbook Pro.

Nice looking products thanks to weird circuit boards (insufficient) cooling solutions and well designed (esthethically) cases.

But that's about it.

Shitty components for the price, shitty service outside the US, eventually shitty assemblage of the computers (you get what you pay for.. Not as a consumer but as the company Apple.)

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