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In the News Right before the weekend, we have some interesting news from Hewlett Packard, hardware and software maker, but most of all (at least to me) owner of Palm and its assets. CEO of HP, Mark Hurd, has resigned, effective immediately, after the board found out he had behaved "inappropriately" towards a former HP marketing contractor which "violated HP's Standards of Business Conduct". Cathie Lesjak has been appointed interim CEO while the company seeks a new one.
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RE: Comment by pjafrombbay
by bousozoku on Sun 8th Aug 2010 04:42 UTC in reply to "Comment by pjafrombbay"
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Is this really an OSNews type topic? IMHO it ought to be in the gossip columns rather than a serious (or used to be serious) column.


Maybe, they'd rather talk about why Mark Papermaster left Apple.

I'm still thinking that it's defective that all this "talent" can take away such a large severance package, especially for those who ruin a company, even if they can't do it on their own.

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