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In the News Right before the weekend, we have some interesting news from Hewlett Packard, hardware and software maker, but most of all (at least to me) owner of Palm and its assets. CEO of HP, Mark Hurd, has resigned, effective immediately, after the board found out he had behaved "inappropriately" towards a former HP marketing contractor which "violated HP's Standards of Business Conduct". Cathie Lesjak has been appointed interim CEO while the company seeks a new one.
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Bit unfair, but for the severance package
by fran on Sun 8th Aug 2010 09:37 UTC
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Few mention the multimillion dollar golden handshake he received. For that money they can fire me any day for whatever f@#@ng reason.
Just some points here, normally companies’ don’t fire there execs even if they are coke sniffing LSD heads. As long as money rolls and the shareholders are happy.
I think HP and press might have been a bit unfair here.
1. He was cleared of sexual harassment.
In other words we had two consenting adults here.
2. She wasn’t even an HP employee.
3. It looks like the scorned woman case and maybe not even scorned just opportunistic.

In this specific case I think the lawsuit was frivolous and opportunistic and a shame for the gender equality in the workspace. Men to are frequently victims here.
This is the reason why so many execs hire men or old ladies for assistants these days.

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From article...

... several other facts came to light that made Hurd's position as CEO untenable; he "failed to disclose a close personal relationship he had with the contractor that constituted a conflict of interest, failed to maintain accurate expense reports, and misused company assets".

He did not resign due to the lawsuit.

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