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Apple So, now that jailbreaking is easier than ever, right now is probably the best time to dive into the vast array of possibilities that lay ahead in shackle-free land. I've already tricked my iPhone out pretty substantially, but there's always somewhere further you can go. Yes, Flash had already been ported to the iPad, and now the iPhone has received the Flash treatment as well. Jailbreaking required, naturally.
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why bother
by bram on Mon 9th Aug 2010 03:09 UTC
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Why bother....
There is no equivalent of "mouse-over" on touch based devices.
So real apps are out, and what's left is the capability to drain your batttery with useless advertisements.
So short-sighted of OSNews to think this is a good thing.

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RE: why bother
by nt_jerkface on Mon 9th Aug 2010 03:32 in reply to "why bother"
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To buy video rentals somewhere else?

To watch video on Flash-only sites?

Plenty of Flash games can be played with a touch device.

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RE: why bother
by OSGuy on Mon 9th Aug 2010 10:17 in reply to "why bother"
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I read recently a story about a company that created a touch screen with sensor that can detect when the finger is hovering the screen. I *think* this was reported on Engadget but I could be wrong. Perhaps this can be used to create mouse-over effect when the finger is hovering over an icon.

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RE: why bother
by Feanor on Mon 9th Aug 2010 12:58 in reply to "why bother"
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It is a good thing to have the options to run whatever you want on your phone without the manufacturer having a say in the matter.

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RE: why bother
by CaptainN- on Tue 10th Aug 2010 19:39 in reply to "why bother"
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On Android if you press and hold for a half a second, you trigger the Mouse Over event. I don't know. I would think it's better to actually know what you are talking about before you talk about it.

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