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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A bunch of figures travelled all over the web this past week regarding Android's remarkable growth. Its growth is indeed remarkable - bigger than the iPhone, bigger than Research In Motion's BlackBerry (in the US, at least). However, as impressive as those figures are, isn't it about time we start comparing platforms instead of devices?
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RE[2]: What is Apple real goal?
by ari-free on Mon 9th Aug 2010 05:46 UTC in reply to "RE: What is Apple real goal?"
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Even Microsoft lets you have competing apps such as Firefox but many Apple fans got all upset and supported the anti-trust breakdown of the company. But when Apple is worse, it's now ok.

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Most jurisdictions treat monopolies different from non-monopolies. Is it fair that you can do whatever you want until you hit 90% market share and then be suddenly punished for it? No.
But that's not the point. Christian wrote that he boycotts anything from Apple, because in his eyes Apple is purely closed.
That's painting the world black and white, but the world is not black and white.
It's a plain fact that Apple releases tons of FOSS and in most cases without the need to do so. Apple releases more FOSS code than certain companies who advertise themselves as huge supporters of open source (*cough* Canonical *cough*) and no voting down my posts is going to change that fact.

Does this mean that Apples business tactics around iOS products are OK? No.
But arguing that because one business branch of one company makes the whole company a "closed garden" is short sighted -- some may even call it stupid.

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