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Humor Now that I'm done with my internship and ready to take on OSNews again, I figured it'd be nice to start off with something light-hearted. I just read that Google bought an unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with a camera, ready to photograph whatever it flies across. We may consider Google's biggest threat to be privacy, but with all this computing power they have, their Street View cars, and now, unmanned flying drones, they look more and more like SkyNet to me. So, what's your most likely apocalyptic scenario?
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Secondly, I'd head straight for nearest hospital or apothecary and get heaps of common antibiotics, antiseptics etc. They will sooner or later save your life.

You would probably want to take lots and lots of hydrogen peroxide. It is very useful both as an antiseptic and for synthesis of a number of useful chemicals.

One use would be for grenades. Mix acetone (which can be found in many household products such as nail polish remover) and hydrogen peroxide in the presence of a strong acid (I would use sulfuric acid from a car battery) to make triacetone triperoxide, a high explosive. Then blow the zombies into smithereens. ;)

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As a published analytical chemist, I recommend acid bleach (sodium chlorate(I) solution) for pretty much anything peroxide-related. Not only is it a powerful enough oxidant (probably) to cause explosions a la peroxide, liberal sloshing over infectable surfaces will prevent many diseases you might need antibiotics for lol!

Gets organic crud from inside e.g. coffee machines and leaves them shining, too . . .

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