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Internet & Networking Well, this is interesting. As some rumours already suggested, Google and Verizon have released a joint proposal for a legislative framework regarding net neutrality. This being Google and all, some of you may expect this to be all flower-farting unicorns darting across rainbows, but sadly, that's not the case. This proposal? Well, it's not good.
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My take on a solution
by thebackwash on Tue 10th Aug 2010 19:49 UTC
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My take on it is that there's a simple fix: similar to how the telcos
have to lease their lines out, have regulated rates for QoS guarantees
on competitors' services. Include in billing for 1st-party services,
a line item indicating would-be charges for QoS guarantees should a
competitor offer the exact same services, and there's material for negotiation should regulated rates come up for renegotiation.

This way, competitors have an even-ish playing field, having "only" to overcome the infrastructure and scale advantages that the incumbents have, and ISPs get to make extra $ (at regulated rates,)

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