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Multimedia, AV Not too long ago, Apple added the Video Decode Acceleration framework to Mac OS X, allowing developers to get low-level access to hardware H264 acceleration. Adobe was quite thrilled about this, because they claimed this was needed for Flash video to become hardware accelerated on the Mac. This feature's been in beta for a while now, but yesterday they finally released it as part of a regular Flash Player update. Caveat: Apple's support for this framework can be a bit sketchy.
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snow leopard only right?
by broken_symlink on Wed 11th Aug 2010 14:51 UTC
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This only works on snow leopard right? I am running leopard on a mbp with a 9400m and a 9600m gt.

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RE: snow leopard only right?
by Morgan on Wed 11th Aug 2010 22:51 in reply to "snow leopard only right?"
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Only on Snow Leopard indeed, and I've read reports that even a supposedly fully supported system with the latest SL update and the correct NVIDIA hardware see no difference between this and the previous non-accelerated drivers.

However, you may see a vast improvement in Safari solely due to the fact that Adobe takes advantage of CoreAnimation in that browser.

I find this quite silly as any 9xxx or higher NVIDIA card in Windows gets the acceleration, yet only three specific cards/chips get spotty support in OS X. Obviously it's not the hardware's fault, so what gives? I'd love to know what Apple and Adobe each think of the issue.

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RE[2]: snow leopard only right?
by _txf_ on Wed 11th Aug 2010 22:58 in reply to "RE: snow leopard only right?"
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on my mbp with the 320m a random video on youtube still manages to suck 40 % cpu on c2d 2.66 GHz. What a load of fail on the part of everybody involved...that is Adobe AND Apple.

However regular flash content has been much improved; Not so much that I'm willing to remove Flashblock, but still an improvement.

The reason it only works for certain hardware is because apple is too lazy to implement its framework for asics with slightly different architecture. Hence no ati acceleration. It's the usual business with apple.

What strikes me as stupid is the fact that as great a proponent of h.264 apple does not support the older asics which had that support early on. The later models added vc-1 and divx which apple does not support.

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