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BSD and Darwin derivatives "Overall - DesktopBSD is a pleasure to run and a breeze to install. It is an excellent choice for a new BSD user, a not terribly sophisticated computer user, or an old salt who just wants a good, solid, reliable desktop that won't take days to install and weeks to configure and just wants to get on with it."
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Daniel Seuffert
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That thing is called "DesktopBSD", we want to ease installation, update and use for ordinary people, maybe most of them with absolutely no idea of BSD. A typical admin would use scripts or the like, not an GUI (for some good reasons).

Normally a desktop user has nothing to do with bind, Apache and Postfix.

But don't forget: This is FreeBSD 5.4, you can install every app via ports, packages, the ports GUI, from sources or even with pkgsrc if you like. FreeBSD has over 13.600 applications available within the ports, use them in DesktopBSD as well as in FreeBSD.

If you have questions, please read the handbook first. Otherwise look for help in a forum, newsgroup etc.

Kind regards, Daniel Seuffert

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Who is That Member since:

ahem.. OS X is a desktop Operating system, but it includes all those services with no GUI way to set them up, but they are all there and ready to turn on which is easy enough.

I want an Easy to install system with all the services already there for me to turn on.

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dadexter Member since:

Then maybe running FreeBSD itself would be "better" for you... I don't know if you've noticed, but this thing is basically FreeBSD with a nice little installer, so enabling the services you require would be done in the same manner as you would do it on the "real thing".

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tarps Member since:

Try installing the instant-server package at install (or after install using the package/ports gui). It includes all the services you mentioned except a dns server.

It's not installed by default, but it's the next best thing.

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