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Legal I'm supposed to be asleep right now, but this news kind of hit me like a ton of bricks: Oracle is suing Google over its Android mobile operating system, claiming it infringes on its patented Java technology. Not a good week to be Google, is it?
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by ahmetaa on Fri 13th Aug 2010 05:22 UTC in reply to "GPL"
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Actually writing your own JVM with any kind of license is completely valid. AFAIK reasons for creating dalvik were technical (which are not so relevant anymore).
The problem point is possibly the partial JDK they are using. Android uses pieces of an apache licensed version of JDK called Harmony. And they avoid using the word "JDK" for that subset. The only point i can think that Google may be in trouble is that Harmony may include Sun JDK's code in it. It is bad because their licenses are not compatible.
But i doubt that is the attack point of Oracle and nevertheless i believe they will fail and lose a lot of credibility from developers. For once, Google makes Java relevant in mobile world, and they use it heavily in their internal applications.
I would much prefer Oracle to join Google on Android development instead of playing dirty.

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RE[2]: GPL
by Elv13 on Fri 13th Aug 2010 06:00 in reply to "RE: GPL"
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Actually writing your own JVM with any kind of license is completely valid.

Until you rewrite patented code without using the original code. The GPL grant patent license for derivative work, it does not dissolve the patent.

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RE[3]: GPL
by ahmetaa on Fri 13th Aug 2010 06:07 in reply to "RE[2]: GPL"
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You do not patent a 'code', maybe mechanisms. But i guess there are always workarounds for that.

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