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Legal We're far from done with the Oracle v. Google lawsuit. The search giant has responded to the lawsuit, and Miguel De Icaza has provided a very interesting insight into the case. His report has been confirmed by James Gosling, known as the father of Java who left Sun right after the merger. Icaza speculates that the potential to monetise on Java by suing Google was pitched by Jonathan Schwartz during Sun's sales talks with Oracle. Oh boy.
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RE[2]: What comes next?
by nt_jerkface on Sat 14th Aug 2010 19:33 UTC in reply to "RE: What comes next?"
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While privately held businesses might be somewhat more balanced (and care about customers or employees, or "fans" for that matter), traded companies have a legal obligation to screw those to the maximum extent possible as long as that improves the quarterly results of the share holders.

++Good point

Open source fans need to quit getting in bed with publicly traded companies. At the end of the day their shareholders are more important than you.

Privately held companies like Valve are usually more focused on their product. They of course want to make a profit as well but aren't under pressure to please a large group of anonymous owners that only care about a return on their investment.

I sometimes wish Stallman started an anti-megacorp movement instead of anti-proprietary. There are a lot of small privately held software companies that treat their customers far better than some of the megacorps that support open source. I had the owner of a small private software company email me at 2 AM his time over a minor problem I had with the software. That's awesome.

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RE[3]: What comes next?
by Soulbender on Sun 15th Aug 2010 01:59 in reply to "RE[2]: What comes next?"
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++Good point

I sometimes wish Stallman started an anti-megacorp movement instead of anti-proprietary

If you ever decide to start one, count me in.

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RE[4]: What comes next?
by dylansmrjones on Sun 15th Aug 2010 10:11 in reply to "RE[3]: What comes next?"
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I'm pretty sure Prodhoun did start something like that ;)

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