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Internet & Networking Lots of talk on net neutrality this week, mostly due to the joint policy proposal from Google and Verzion. While many Americans are calling for government-imposed net neutrality rules, The New York Times' Eric Pfanner proposes a different solution - one that has been working wonders in Europe. And hey, what a coincidence - I'm European!
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by sparkyERTW on Mon 16th Aug 2010 15:32 UTC
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As a Canadian, we face much the same problem as the those in the US. Our infrastructure is controlled by an oligopoly of a few large companies - Bell and Rogers in the East, Telus and Shaw in the West (with some cross over). These companies also operate their own ISPs. While there are some requirements placed on them to lease their lines to independent ISPs at fixed rates for the purposes of competition, they have been making good headway into lifting this restriction as they develop new infrastructure. As a result, we are being left with a few companies with no interest in taking the time, money or effort to compete with each other.

I agree with all the comments who argue "it isn't that simple", but that doesn't mean it doesn't need to change.

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